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Looking for a new destination to visit this summer? How about a week-end trip to Zenon Park? This beautiful French community is only a 2-hour drive from Saskatoon and 3 1/2 from Regina. We guarantee you’ll love the town’s unique blend of French prairie culture, friendly residents, and surrounding tourist attractions, parks and lakes.

Zenon Park was founded in 1910 by French Canadian and Franco-American pioneers who came to Saskatchewan looking for a better future for their families. For over 100 years, this beautiful agricultural community has maintained its pride in its language and culture. A vibrant bilingual community, you’re sure to hear local residents switching from French to English in the streets, at the post office or the local bar.

In and around town

Zenon Park has a lot to offer those of you who would like to visit our beautiful northern region with its mix of wheat fields and pine forests. While in town,  don’t forget to come by the AFZP office to say “bonjour”. We’ll be sure to help you with any questions you might have and point you in the right direction for some of our local attractions.

You’ll definitely want to check out the newly renovated local church with its nightly light show, taste some fresh honey at Moyen’s Honey Farm or check out livestock (cows, pigs, chickens) at Clem and Linda Perrault’s organic farm. While in town, stop by A & L Motors to fuel up or stop by the local hotel for a drink and the hottest wings in the North East. You’ll be amazed at Mikes’ wall to wall memorabilia. Lisa, at the Town Post Office, is always happy to help you out. You’ll soon discover for yourselves what makes this French town so friendly!

Newly renovated church

The Church of Our Lady of the Nativity was built in 1930. In 2019, the parish appealed to the community’s generosity in order to restore the church. At this time, a colorful lighting system was engineered by Armand Marchildon to light up the newly renovated bell tower. The light show varies from one evening to the next; be sure not to miss it! Curious to see inside? Contact the parish to book a tour of this beautiful church. During your visit, don’t forget to look for the unique hand-crafted crucifix gifted to the church by local wood sculptor, Léon Marchildon.

Our Lady of the Nativity Grotto

The grotto near the Our Lady of the Nativity Church was built in 1992. It is the work of Zenon Park stonecutter (and well-known folk singer), Henri Poulin. The grotto was hand-crafted using stones collected within a 10 to 15-mile radius of the village.

Zenon Park Cemetery

We invite you to come and visit our local cemetery.  From the stone archway and wrought-iron gates, you can see the beautifully crafted stone crypt topped with an imposing cross and three large bronze statues that were brought from the province of Quebec by Father Armand Arès. The archway and the crypt were built by Jean-Pierre Botherel and his son Jean Botherel. As you walk through the cemetery, you will discover the names of the first French settlers.  Be sure to look for the old bell; the only remaining relic from the first church that burned down in 1930.

Alfalfa Capital of Saskatchewan

For many years, Zenon Park was known as the alfalfa dehydration capital of Saskatchewan. Generations of residents, farmers and students alike, worked in this industry during the summer to supplement their incomes. For years, residents of Zenon could smell the roasting alfalfa coming from the plant overlooking the town. The alfalfa industry is a perfect example of local French-Canadians coming together to innovate. Local farmer Philippe Marchildon was the first to propose the beneficial aspects of growing alfalfa in the region’s rich farmland. Though the industry came to a halt in early 2000, alfalfa is a strong part of Zenon Park’s economic heritage and many residents still cherish stories of working shifts at one of Zenon Park’s two alfalfa plants. You are invited to go visit the yard just north of town where the original building still stands.

Zenon Park Grain Elevator

While in the 1930s there were about 6,000 elevators scattered across the Canadian Prairies, today there are only a few hundred. These structures have been replaced by terminals, real cement giants that can hold up to 3 million bushels of grain.  Zenon Park’s Saskatchewan Wheat Pool grain terminal was constructed in 1980. This is the last of Zenon Park’s standing elevators. At one time, the town had three elevators shipping the community’s grain to various ports around the world. Clément McCrea, whose father was the last UGG grain elevator agent, bought the elevator from the Saskatchewan Wheat Pool in _____ and converted it into a private enterprise. One can only wonder how many stories were exchanged while local farmers waited to unload their trucks at this elevator. Take time to walk around the grounds or contact the AFZP for a guided tour.

Local attractions


Take a road trip in and around Zenon Park to see what once was, what still remains, and what came to be of this Fransaskois community. This 29-stop tour gives you a glimpse into the pillars that founded and shaped the Francophone community of Zenon Park. Taking a morning, afternoon, or evening to complete, this 3-hour driving tour of our town is chalked full of personal anecdotes, historical facts, and cultural stories.

Free brochures for the tour (containing maps to help guide you) are available at the AFZP.

To access the self-guided tour, click here! For those planning to visit the stops in person, we highly recommend downloading the GeoTourist app so you can download the tour to your cell phone!

Thank you for following the Vive Zénon Park! page to learn more about the history of Zenon Park and stay up to date with upcoming new projects!


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Moyen Honey Farms was established in 1964 by Urbain and Pauline Moyen. The farm is into its third generation. Today, Urbain’s son Gerry and grandson Derek manage the operation and continue to produce 100% Pure Canadian Honey which is sold nationally. Their bees produce honey foraged from Canola, Alfalfa, Clover, Borage, and a variety of wildflowers. Seasonal workers from Nicaragua and local residents are hired to help out during bee season.

Swing by for a visit of the extracting facilities and take home some delicious creamed honey. If you’re lucky, you might even get to taste some honey straight from the hive!


Email: moyenhoneyfarms@gmail.com

Phone: 1-306-767-2440

Gerry: 1-306-862-8317

Derek: 1-306-281-8098




Poplar Valley Organics Farm is located south-west of Zenon Park.  The soil is fertile, the air is clean, and there is an abundance of sunshine all year round. Clem and Linda Perrault lived on a small acreage for 5 years before moving onto the family farm where they still live today. Clem was farming 4000 acres with his father, brother and uncle. He knew that conventional farming wasn’t for him. The Zenon Park area is very productive in legume crops (alfalfa, lentils, peas, and clovers) which produce many soil nutrients that help to fertilize the soil naturally.  This provides Poplar Valley Organics with an endless opportunity for high-quality products without chemicals.

Visitors are welcome to drop in and visit the farm. Clem, Linda, and their son Simon have grain-fed chickens and cattle that children love to discover. They also sell fresh eggs! And be sure to check out their website for great organic recipes; we recommend the Cranberry Cappuccino Chocolate Cheesecake!

As an added touch, check out “Harvest“, a video profile of Clem Perrault with amazing aerial views recently created by Dylan Siggers.


Phone: 306-767-2640

Email: info@poplarvalleyorganics.ca

Website: www.poplarvalleyorganics.ca


When driving around the region, you’re bound to see fields lined with perfect rows of black or orange bee shelters. Those are leafcutter bee shelters. The Zenon Park region has long been known as the Alfalfa capital of Saskatchewan, specializing in the dehydration of alfalfa. Following the lead of local alfalfa seed producer Paul Fortier, Daniel and Vincent Marchildon created M&M Seeds in 1985 to supply the growing demand for alfalfa seed. M&M Seeds not only sells alfalfa seed, but it also sells barrels full of bees to markets in Canada and the United States.

Visitors are invited to discover how leafcutter bees serve to pollinate the alfalfa flowers in order for plants to produce seed. Daniel and his sons Joel and Jérémie will gladly give you a tour of the incubator while explaining the importance of leafcutter bees in the lifecycle of the area’s specialty crops.  While you’re at the Marchildon farm, be sure to ask Vince for a tour of his impressive collection of antique farming machinery including vintage combines, old tractors, and a functional thrashing machine!


Phone: 306-767-2455


A visit to Zenon Park would not be complete without a visit to the AFZP. The local French organization’s office is located directly on Main street. The Association fransaskoise de Zénon Park (AFZP) has been serving the French-speaking community of Zenon Park – and region – for nearly forty years. Staff and volunteers work hard to ensure the vitality of the local French community and to promote its development. Just look for the green awnings on Zenon Park’s main street. Come by anytime or contact us before you leave and we’ll do our best to help you organize your trip to our area. Be sure to check our website’s events calendar before heading out. And don’t forget, if you’re looking for a gift or a souvenir to take back with you, we can supply you with local products (honey, local crafts), maple syrup and French books and CDs.


Phone: 306-767-2203

Email: afzp@sasktel.net

Website: www.afzp.ca

Our favourite spots near Zenon Park

Within a 70 kilometer radius of town, you’ll also find lots to do. Fill up with gas at A&L Motors, (say hi to third-generation owner, Maurice Lalonde), then hit the road for one of several nearby destinations. Pasquia Regional Park offers a great campground, a restaurant, a 9-hole golf course as well as a fun swimming pool. While you’re there, be sure to check out “Big Bert”, a prehistoric crocodile discovered nearby and now on display in the Dickson Hardie Interpretive Centre. Looking to do some fishing or suntanning on a sandy beach? Tobin Lake Resort is a 55-minute drive from Zenon. Rent a boat and go catch some Northern Pike or hang out on the sandy beach and go for a swim. Other beautiful local lakes can be found at nearby Greenwater Provincial Park and Marean Lake.


The fun never stops at the Pasquia Regional Park.  Located a mere 20 minute drive from Zenon, Pasquia has a challenging 9-hole golf course for mom and dad and a mini golf course for the younger set. After a hot day on the golf course, kids and adults can relax in the Junior Olympic-size swimming pool complete with paddling area for the little ones. Pasquia Park also features a licensed restaurant overlooking a water feature with a sneak peek at the golf course.


Phone: (306) 768-3239

Pro Shop:  (306) 768-2880

Restaurant:  (306) 768-2881

Email: pasquia1@xplornet.ca

Reservations: reservations.pasquia@xplornet.ca

Website: https://www.pasquia.com/


“Big Bert” is now on display in the Dickson Hardie Interpretive Centre located in Pasquia Regional Park, approximately 20 kilometres from Zenon Park. The prehistoric crocodile was discovered 27 years ago between the neighbouring towns of Arborfield and Carrot River and is the world’s most complete Terminonaris Robusta Crocodile Skeleton! This marine predator was 5.6 m (19 feet) long; its skull alone was more than 1 m long. It lived around 92 million years ago when Saskatchewan was under a great inland sea. Palaeontologist Tim Tokaryk first discovered part of the skeleton along the banks of the Carrot River in the Pasquia Hills in 1991. A year later, the RSM and a crew from the Canadian Museum of Nature collected the rest of the fossil.


Tobin Lake ranks as one of the top fishing spots in North America. Tobin Lake has produced new Provincial Records in the last 10 years, and now is home of a ‘World Record Walleye’ caught through the ice. No other lake consistently produces large fish like Tobin Lake does. Your chances of catching a 10 lb.+ Walleye are no better anywhere. Tobin Lake Resort offers 21 fully modern cabins/suites. All units are equipped with bedding & towels, fridge, stove, pots and pans, gas BBQ,  dishes, and a bathroom with shower.  All units are air-conditioned and include cable TV. Fire pits come with an ample supply of wood.


A favourite among Zenon Park residents, Marean Lake Resort is a beautiful vacation getaway located in East Central Saskatchewan. The crystal clear, spring fed lake is great for swimming, fishing and all other boating activities. Marean Lake Resort was purchased by Lawrence and Rose McCrea in 1952 and has been owned and operated by the McCrea family ever since. It offers a rustic, unspoiled experience with everything you will need to make your vacation a memorable one! Some visitors might remember the years when French kids from across the province would meet just up the road from the resort for the annual Camp Voyageur.


A stunning year-round destination, Greenwater Lake Provincial Park offers premier fishing and water sport opportunities that the whole family can enjoy. With a beautiful beach, excellent camping opportunities and extensive hiking, snowmobile and cross-country ski trails, there’s something for everyone. More than 200 species of birds make the park their home and visitors may spot various species of wildlife including fox, otter, moose and elk. In the summer, take in an interpretive program, visit the displays at the Visitor Reception Centre or hit the links on the 18-hole golf course. During winter, take a ride down the toboggan hill or play some shinny on the skating rink.

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